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Philosophy of the EXCEL Preschool Program


It is the philosophy of the EXCEL Integrated Preschool Program that all children are capable of learning.  We believe that it is important to instill in young children a lifelong love of learning.  We believe that children learn best when provided with opportunities to explore, create, imagine and play in a nurturing environment.


Program Goals


The goals of our program are:


1.            To meet children’s needs at their developmental level within chronologically age-appropriate situations.

2.            To provide children with opportunities to recognize and solve problems through active exploration, including trial and error and interacting with peers and adults.

3.            To provide children with opportunities to communicate their experiences, ideas and feelings through verbal interactions with staff and peers.

4.            To provide children with opportunities to foster positive self-identity and sense of emotional well-being in an environment that encourages respect for oneself and others.

5.            To provide children with opportunities to use a variety of materials that promote eye-hand coordination and small muscle development.

6.            To provide opportunities for children to routinely engage in a variety of gross motor activities through participation in physical education classes, outdoor play, music and classroom movement activities.

7.            To support children in learning to become independent and self-reliant.

8.            To provide resources for parents as needed to maintain open communication between home and school.