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Physical Education News June 2017  
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Activity Date: 6/22/2017

Physical Education News June 2017



During the first week of June Mrs. Beddows and I combined our classes for a unit on Playground Games.  Our students enjoyed playing: “Red Light/Green Light,” “Mother May I,” “Duck, Duck, Goose,” “Steal the Bacon (Grab the Lady Bug),” and more.  In addition to teaching the rules of the games we were also teaching cooperation, sharing, and consideration of others.

Next I challenged the students with the traditional carry an egg on the spoon relay.  Students worked as a team and took turns balancing the egg on the spoon as they traveled around a cone and back to their team.  It was great fun and lots of laughs.

We followed the egg/spoon relay with the pass the chicken relay.  Students had to pass the rubber chicken down the line and the end student ran back to the front of the line and started the process over again.  Students practiced passing over their heads and under their legs and they also practiced passing with using only their elbows.  Watching the students pass the chicken using only their elbows was really fun and entertaining for everyone. 

The second grade students finished their fitness testing this month and took their record sheets home.  Their final fitness test was the sit and reach test which measures flexibility.    I asked them to put the record sheets away somewhere to keep so they can compare this year’s fitness test scores with next year’s. 

During our last week of school the younger students will play “Islands and Bridges.”  They will need to walk slowly on the bridges, swim between Islands, and follow my challenge once on their Island.  The first grade students will practice kicking a rubber ball and running bases.  The second grade students will play a modified game of kickball. 

Field Day was a great success again this year!  It involved a lot of preparation but it was very rewarding to watch the students thoroughly enjoy themselves. 

Have a great summer everyone!

Physical Education News May 2017  
Activity Date: 6/1/2017

In honor of National Dance Week Mrs. Beddows and I combined our classes during the first week of May. This has become a tradition over the past few years and the students have a joyous time performing a variety of dances. We teach celebratory, ethnic, recreational, and popular dances. The gym was alive with joyful singing and dancing.
Since Field Day is coming soon the students have begun practicing various Field Day events. During the second week of May the students participated in several different relay races and they also practiced chasing and fleeing during numerous tag games. Before each class we discussed how important it is to work as part of a team on Field Day.
Next the students worked on ball control. The older students practiced shooting basketballs and also played Four-Square using traditional rules and terminology. Four-Square is a great lead-up to volleyball. The younger students used bouncy rubber balls to bounce, catch, and dribble. Each grade level also found time during the week to practice throwing and catching whiffle balls with plastic scoops.

The following week the students and I enjoyed movement with rhythm sticks. Rhythm sticks are great for developing fine and gross motor skills, increasing concentration and listening skills, and promoting rhythmic awareness. We practiced a few routines with narrated music, a few routines without music, and a few dance routines that were choreographed by Mrs. Merrill. The second grade students also worked with partners to create short rhythmic routines that were later shared with their class.
During the month of May, our EXCEL students have been practicing throwing and catching, running in a straight line, skipping and galloping, and playing outside together. The EXCEL students ask to play with the balls every time they come to the gym. Running in a straight line is always prompted with Ready, Set, Go! Playing outside is great fun and great exercise.
Please note that Field Day will be held Tuesday, June 20. 2017. The rain date is Wednesday, June 21st. Students should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers.

Physical Education News October 2016  
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Activity Date: 10/27/2016

During the month of October students performed many different Brain Gym exercises.  They performed Lazy 8’s, Cross Crawls, Hook-ups, Brain Buttons, Positive Points, and Double Doodles.  Double Doodles and Lazy 8’s seem to be two of the students’ favorite Brain Gym exercises. 

The Kindergarten students really enjoyed doing the Lazy 8’s and then using their eye-hand coordination for rolling, throwing, and catching.  First grade students spent time self-tossing and throwing and catching in small groups.  The second and third grade students practiced throwing in a variety of ways:  two-handed underhand, one-handed underhand, basketball chest pass, football lateral throw as well as the very popular baseball (overhand) throw. 

Next the younger students played the ever popular “Map Game” which is great for developing body control and spatial awareness.  In addition to the “Map Game” students also trained for the Cross Country race that was held on October 15th at the New Milford High School.  Their training was focused on pacing themselves and doing their best. 

The fourth annual Maureen Haas Cross Country race was held on Saturday October 15th and Northville had over 130 participants. The event was tons of fun and the weather was perfect for running.  Our students won several 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals and all of the participants received a free Safety green T-shirt.   Congratulations to all of our participants!

During the last week of October, the students and I practiced balancing yoga poses and calming Brain Gym exercises.  We also learned a new yoga exercise that is particularly useful for warming up the body.  The exercise is known as the “Breath of Joy”.  The Breath of Joy is a warming and energizing yoga breathing practice.  It uses rhythmic body motion and coordinating arm movements with breath in order to facilitate deep breathing.   It is fabulous for warming up, energizing, and creating joy.  Everyone seemed to enjoy performing the Breath of Joy.

Physical Education News September 2016  
Activity Date: 9/18/2016

The school year is off to a great start and our physical education classes are progressing nicely. During the first week of school the students and I discussed playground safety. We also practiced a fire drill and established routines and expectations for our physical education classes.

We began the month of September with hula hoop activities. We used the hoops for team challenges and hoop exploration activities. The students really enjoy playing the “Whistle Mixer” game. It is a cooperative spatial awareness game that incorporates the math skills of counting and grouping. During the second week of September, we began fitness testing. The fitness testing consists of: push-ups or planks, toe touches, and a cardiovascular walk/run. Students will be retested in January and again in May 2015. I will interweave fitness activities throughout the school year with the goal being that each student improves his or her level of fitness. Next we enjoyed an activity called “I Like it”. The “I Like it” activity is a simple movement activity that helps the students and I get to know each other. During this activity the students must be active listeners and they are asked to think about things that they like or don’t like. There is a lot of running during this activity. I am quite sure that most of the students enjoy the running back and forth with their friends the most. We began our soccer unit during the third week of September. We started with the generic skill of kicking, and then we progressed to basic soccer skills-passing, trapping, dribbling, and throw-ins.

The first and second grade students practiced their skills with partners. The kindergarten students used large foam balls for kicking. During the kindergarten classes half of the class did freeze dance while the other half of the class did freeze dribble. The weather has been nice outside so the EXCEL students have been warming up inside and then going outside to play. EXCEL has spent a lot of time running across the gym for warm ups and they have spent the last two weeks of September kicking soft foam balls around the gym.    Updated at 11/1/2016 9:43:00 AM